Akpinar Construction LTD. STİ. based in Seyhan Adana, has started it's commercial activity in 1987. 

Since it's establishment, the company carries on its professional life with proud being a reputable example in the construction business for finalising undertaken projects on time without compromising quality. 

With an experienced stuff including Istanbul DYO dealership, Istanbul Filli Boya dealership, Alligator Istanbul dealership and Istanbul CBS dealership, our company serves for all the necessary architectural applications in diversified fields such as housing, trade centers, hotels, hospitals, ındustrial plants and landscape design. 

With the success in the projects undertaken, strong financial structure, experienced stuff, applications up to the international quality ,Akpinar Construstion has an important place in the sector and looks ahead to a bright future in the 2000's

Its architecture is comfortable and safe with many years of experience. We stand by you with our experience.